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The ART of WAR

Psalms 107:20 "He sent His word to Heal them, and to Deliver them from their destructions"

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Jesus, the Deliverer and the Deliverance

Learn the Authority of Jesus Christ and how He used his authority to outsmart and outwit the devil. Learn how to use the name that’s above EVERY name to destroy every work of the devil, hell, death and the grave.


Authority and Weapons of Warfare

Learn your identity in Jesus Christ, so you can flow in your authority. Learn which weapons to apply to your warfare. Knowing this will equip you for the battle and warfare you face.


When the Enemy Attacks

Learn when to engage in warfare and when not to engage in warfare. Some warfare is not for you to engage but Pray through. Knowing the difference will keep you from a lot of anguish and unnecessary warfare.


Being Led by the Holy Spirit / Try the Spirit

Learn to know what spirit is in operation. Learn methods of how to try the spirits by the Holy Spirit and what that really means.


Inner and Physical Healing and Deliverance

Learn how to merge healing and deliverance properly. Both are needed and necessary for full FREEDOM! Oftentimes, we lean into deliverance but never apply healing. Healing is a part of deliverance not separate.


Expose' of the Devil and Demonic Protocol

Learn to know your enemy and his tactics. If the enemy knows you, why don’t you know him and his tactics! Learn how the enemy operates his kingdom against you.



Learn the importance of the Gift of Discernment/Discerning of Spirits. This gift is a matter of life and death to the ministry of deliverance. The Gift of Discernment/Discerning of Spirits is the life to any Deliverance ministry.


Self Deliverance vs Mass Deliverance vs One-on-One Deliverance

Learn the difference between all of the deliverance processes. Each deliverance process has different levels of release. Every deliverance minister must know which process to follow for best results.


Rules of Engagement

Learn how to properly approach deliverance and people. There is a correct way to enter into every deliverance. It is paramount that you engage in warfare correctly so you won’t get abused or be overtaken by the enemy.


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